Skyfire FAQ
Last Updated: 2 March 2004

I can't find the Skyfire source code and the Subversion repository is empty. Where should I be looking?
No code related to Skyfire has yet been released. Some abstract base classes have been designed and C++ wrappers around libpdtp implemented, however because the interface to libpdtp is currently in flux, it's not particularly useful to release that code at this time. This code will be made available after libpdtp's interface stabilizes when libpdtp-M1 is released.

When will libpdtp-M1 be released?
This will depend on the amount of development effort being expended on the testing and debugging of libpdtp-M1. Suffice it to say that it will be some time in 2004. To track the progress of libpdtp, please see the libpdtp status page.

How long will it be before Skyfire sees a release?
One of Skyfire's key features will be support for PDTP's UDP-driven decentralized search system. This feature will not be present in libpdtp-M1 at all (although stubs for the search functions will be in place to ensure API/ABI compatibility). Search support is one of the goals of libpdtp-M2, and consequently Skyfire will not see its first release until after the release of libpdtp-M2.

When will interface mockups for Skyfire be available?
Interface mockups will be one of the first things made available after Skyfire development begins in earnest. This will take place after the release of libpdtp-M1.

Skyfire is using a derivative of the Apache License. Doesn't that preclude linking with Qt as the Apache License is incompatible with the GPL?
Qt/X11 is dual licensed under both the GPL and the QPL. The Apache License, while incompatible with the GPL, is not incompatible with the QPL, so when Skyfire is linked with Qt/X11 the terms of the QPL apply. Qt Non-Commercial Edition for Windows has a separate set of license terms which apply to all Windows builds of Skyfire.

The free software version of Qt for MacOS X is only available under the GPL, not the QPL. Does this mean builds of Skyfire with the GPLed Qt for MacOS X are not allowed?
It is legal to build binaries from the Apache licensed Skyfire sources and the GPL Qt/Mac for personal use. However, the terms of the GPL preclude distribution of these binaries. MacOS X builds of Skyfire intended for redistribution can only be linked with Qt/X11 and run through an X11 server. Alternatively, any Qt/Mac Commercial license holder may build and release binaries with Qt/Mac if they so desire.